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They are the origin of life. You have become a complex human being in the womb within nine months.

Externally, stem cells hardly differ from other cells, and the genetic material is identical. But one thing distinguishes stem cells: the ability to grow indefinitely. From a single cell creates new life.

Stem cells perform an essential, seemingly unspectacular task: they divide and develop. Only in this way can higher living beings develop, and also the adult body remains so functional. Normal tissue cells can not do this anymore – they barely divide and are committed to a particular function. The older you get, the less your body provides you with new cells, with the immune system weakening and developing foreign cells such as cancer or other diseases that are simply “eaten” by a strong immune system.

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Our team of scientists and physicians has successfully treated thousands of patients worldwide. With more than 20 years of experience in stem cell research, we are a leader in stem cell treatment.

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Ein grosser Dank geht an das ganze Team von stemcells24. Ich fühlte mich von Anfang bis zum Ende sehr gut betreut und umfangreich beraten. Vielen herzlichen Dank nochmals.

I had a great experience with my stemcells therapy. Already on the next day I could feel how my sleep improved.


why placenta stem cells?

For more than 20 years, stem cell therapies were observing following effects with placenta:

  • Improvement of hair and skin quality
  • Less crinkles (lifting), better shape (neck and chin area)
  • Muscular strength
  • Improved fitness
  • Increased desire for physical activity
  • Biological Age improves
  • Mental capacity, concentration gets better
  • Blood pressure and hormone level are regulated.
  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • Enhanced sexual function
  • Inner organs work better/normal
  • Chronic fatigue disappears
  • Preventing  of age related diseases
  • Immune booster for the whole body