why placenta stem cells?

In this method, only a small part of the human placenta is implanted. The tissue is thoroughly investigated. These stem cells are genetically new and the activity of the enzyme telomerase (anti-aging effect) is very high. Due to the absence of antigens, they are not rejected by the body.

The stem cells rely on the body’s defense system. Therefore, they are suitable for people with different conditions and so far no side effects have been noted.


Genetically they are classified as embryonic stem cells, without coming from an embryo. So they have the ability to develop into different types of cells, therefore, becoming multipotent.

The method is accepted morally and ethically. Unlike harvesting your own stem cells, which is a complicated procedure that would have to be made and which would burden a sick patient even more. This method is more effective than a simple stem cell therapy because the placental stem cells have a much higher growth potential.

Specialists have used this method for over 20 years and there is no exaggeration to say that this method in regenerative medicine occupies a prominent place, because it acts. Thousands of patients, including many celebrities, especially from the USA and Asian countries, have already been treated and feel excellent.


are these cells free from disease?

Absolutely. The placenta stem cells are subjected to extensive testing and is one hundred percent sterile. They  work with a certified laboratory, where all necessary tests are carried out. They also make sure that the stem cells are free of bacterial or viral contamination. The tests include three different HIV tests, hepatitis B and C, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, syphilis, rubella, and even more diseases are investigated. The medical director controls and monitors the entire process, so that you can be sure that only use flawless implants are used.


how many cells are used?

Some clinics directly inject the stem cells. This Doctor does not do that. The number of cells used is not relevant when it comes to placenta stem cell implants due to the extremely high cell replication process. Each individual receives the same size and type of implant.


Where do stem cells come from?

The specialists work together with specific hospitals from which they obtain the placenta. There are certified clinics and hospitals that meet stringent Western health standards.


how fast can you be treated?

This is completely up to the individual. The sooner you fill out a contact form, the sooner we can determine a journey. There are many considerations that must be factored in.


How long does the procedure take?

Less than an hour. The first days after the procedure, there is usually a slight swelling at the site of surgery, this is normal. After one week the stitch(es) are removed. There is basically little or no recovery time.


How often do I need treatment?

This depends on your condition. Each individual is different based upon their needs and wants. Some do it for anti-aging, and to maintain a higher quality of life. Others do it to improve mobility, and to prolong overall health. They suggest a booster every year, however, we leave this up to the individual.


How long does it take to notice the first signs of improvement?

Some individuals notice a change their first night, by sleeping better. There should be further improvements during the first week. Some feel more tired at first. That might be misinterpreted as exhaustion, but in fact it means that you are more relaxed and the body is regenerating itself. Within days, your skin color should improve. One to two weeks later, you get more energy. Once again, you are more agile, and enterprising, having more interest and more zest for life, and this will improve from week to week. For family and friends they must get used to a suddenly more energetic you.