We bring you together in Thailand with a specialized, modern clinic. The placental stem cell implantation offers a unique and regenerative health program.

Unlike umbilical cord stem cells, stem cells from embryos or harvesting your own stem cells, we only use placenta stem cells. They have no antigens, which is why the body does not rank them as alien cells and perhaps this is the reason the body does not reject them.


These stem cells have very strong immune-building skills. This means they rebuild your body’s defense and immune system. The stem cells are sterile and are treated very responsible. This method is considered more effective. In 2001, an American company has researched that human placenta ten times more stem cells than includes the umbilical cord.

The advantages of implantation of human placental stem cells has been known in Europe for more than 25 years. But there have been few opportunities to show the amazing results due to political and ethical issues. With a unique method, each patient is treated individually. The procedure is painless and takes less than an hour.


What can you expect from this therapy?

Patients notice that they sleep better and have more energy during the day. The face and skin color is healthier usually within three to four days after treatment. A few weeks later, the skin is softer and less dry. The body has much less stress, and the immune system improves. The brain gets more oxygen, the patient is alert and has a better memory.

The patients are excited because they feel better, their mood is better, and they have more energy. Of course, this is different from patient to patient. The worse the condition of the patient, the more you will notice the rejuvenation process and the improvement of your condition. If the patient is not sick and has not yet reached a later stage of life, they will not notice any dramatic changes. You will, however, reach an optimal condition.

At the same time, the mood is better and self-esteem rises. The sexual activity is increased and better, in men and in women. The quality of life increases due to stress not having as much of an effect on the body, and the immune system improves. The brain gets more oxygen, the patient is alert and has a better memory.

For healthy patients, the next placental stem cell intervention should take place about a year later in order to have an optimum, consistent rate of success.

As with any medical procedure, whether a flu shot or a heart transplant, there is no guarantee of success. However, the doctor has treated patients from around the world, and with amazing success.

Some people see the placenta stem cell therapy as a solution for all diseases and expect a change that looks like a miracle. That is not right. With regular treatment, the results are, however, getting better and longer lasting.